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40kVA Backup Power UPS Systems

A 40kVA UPS system is typically suitable for medium to large-sized businesses with critical power needs. Such a system can handle a significant load of IT equipment, including servers, storage devices, and network switches, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and uninterrupted. Additionally, a 40kVA UPS can provide sufficient power backup for equipment that requires high power consumption, such as large data centres, manufacturing plants, and hospitals.

Suppose you’re unsure whether a 40kVA UPS is the right choice for your business. In that case, it’s best to contact us to discuss your specific power requirements and develop a tailored solution that meets your needs.


40kVA Q&A’s 

Is there a 40kVA UPS that can be mounted onto a rack?

A 40kVA UPS system that is rack-mounted is not as common as other configurations, but it is still available. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.


What sets apart a 40kVA online UPS from a 40kVA line-interactive UPS?

An online 40kVA UPS system offers a higher level of protection compared to a line-interactive system, but at a higher cost.

How long does it take to charge a 40kVA UPS system?

4-6 hours is how long it takes to charge a 40kVA UPS system

Runtime at Full Load of a 40kVA UPS System

At full load, the internal UPS batteries of your specific UPS model can provide a runtime ranging from 2 to 60 minutes. If you require a longer runtime, additional UPS batteries can be added to extend it. For more information on optimising the runtime of your 40kVA UPS system, please contact us.


What is the recommended replacement interval for 40kVA UPS batteries?

A general rule of thumb is to replace UPS batteries every five years. However, this timeline can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature and ventilation in storage. Implementing an appropriate battery care plan is essential to avoid potential issues. We can help you develop a customised care plan to ensure that your UPS batteries operate at peak performance. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.


 For any further questions please get in touch, we are happy to help.

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