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The Schneider Electric Easy UPS System Range

Our Supply Range

At Power Saver LTD we supply an extensive range of The Schneider Electric UPS systems. We supply the following from UPS systems from The Schneider Electric Easy Range:

  • Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular

  • Easy UPS 3S

  • Easy UPS 3M

  • Easy UPS 3L

Before deciding on the UPS system you require, if you haven’t already, consult with our power protection experts for impartial advice. Our experts are here to offer optimal power protection and will guide you to the correct UPS unit, providing sufficient protection by meeting your power requirements.

The Schneider Electric Easy UPS Range – Product Info


Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular

The 3-Phase Modular 50-250 kW (400V) UPS features robust power protection in a capital-expenditure-friendly package, making it easy to select and deploy in business-critical applications.

Easy UPS 3S

10-40kVA, 208/400V easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for small and medium data centres and other business critical applications.

Easy UPS 3M

60-200kVA, 400V easy-to-install, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for small and medium data centres and other business critical applications.

Easy UPS 3L

250-600 kVA, 400V easy-to-configure, easy-to-use and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for commercial and industrial applications.


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Accessories For Your The Schneider Electric Unit

We supply The Schneider Electric Network Cards & additional Batteries to pair with your uninterruptible power supply, please contact us for more information.

APC Easy UPS Network Management Card

The Schneider Electric UPS Network Management Card 3

It enables an essential and secure communication to allow management and remote monitoring of your backup power systems.

apc EASY 3S batteries

Easy UPS 3S Battery String

These batteries work collectively to provide backup power during mains power failures or fluctuations.

Power Saver Limited – Why Pick Our Solutions

We are one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of The Schneider Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and have been successfully providing quality power protection systems from our Tonbridge premises for a number of years. We take care of our customers beyond the installation, we offer comprehensive maintenance contracts on all our systems to all of our customers, providing 24-hour & out of hours emergency cover.

Why Choose The Schneider Electric?

When selecting The Schneider Electric uninterruptible power supply systems several benefits will prevail, delivered by The Schneider Electric’s continuous research and development in providing the highest quality uninterruptible power supply systems. The Schneider Electric power protection units feature advanced scalability and flexibility, meeting a diverse range of power requirements, and accommodating for business scaling up or down in size as these units grow with your business and power requirements.

The level of power protection provided by The Schneider Electric’s uninterruptible power supplies is reliable and robust against power disturbances such as power surges, spikes, sags, and outages. The units offer advanced surge protection and automatic voltage regulation ensuring the consistent delivery of clean and stable power to connected devices.

The The Schneider Electric uninterruptible power supplies are designed with user-friendly interfaces and features for a simplistic approach towards accessibility. The units also simplify the installation process, maintenance and ongoing operations.