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Remote Monitoring Systems

Protect your System Against Problems with its Environment

The performance of your IT system is influenced by the environment it is kept in. Environmental conditions that are too hot or too cold, for instance, can drastically influence performance and in some cases cause damage to your equipment, system failure or even fire.

The majority of environmental problems are preventable if they are identified early enough. Minor issues can quickly escalate into a full blown disaster such as a fire if they go undetected. Some data centres are left for days, even weeks unattended and changes in room temperature or less obvious issues may not be easily identified, which is why data centre environmental testing is a necessary precaution to protect your systems and premises.

Cover your IT Estate with Remote Monitoring Systems

Power Saver Ltd provides an automated system that monitors the environment of your IT systems. This automated management system identifies even minor problems and sends out alert messages. The monitoring unit can be programmed to provide a graduated response, initially sending warning messages to dedicated personnel and initiating automated measures to counteract the problem. If the problem escalates before human intervention, the unit can also be programmed to execute a controlled systems shutdown.

The Remote Monitoring unit has data logging capabilities so error patterns and their causes can be identified and resolved. The unit not only has a dual power supply but an internal battery to keep the unit functioning in the event of a total power loss.

Power Saver Ltd’s environmental monitoring units are fully programmable to meet your exact requirements. They will fit into a standard 19′ rack and can be linked to a PC or laptop

Remote Monitoring capabilities

Our Remote Monitoring units can monitor all of the essential equipment in your IT operations environment including:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Air-conditioning
  • Standby generator sets
  • Fire alarm panels
  • Water leaks
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Door entry security
  • Intruder alarms
  • Power meters
  • Socket PDU’s
  • Universal interfaces

Survey of requirements

Power Saver Ltd will complete a full site survey to establish client requirements. Installation is completed by our own engineers with minimum downtime. Full training and handover can be undertaken once the system has been installed, but Power Saver provides service contracts to swiftly deal with any issues environmental monitoring may identify.

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