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UPS Systems For Emergency Lighting

Specifying The Correct Static Inverters For Emergency Lighting

When we specify an Uninterruptible Power Supply for your Emergency Lighting applications, we will use a Static Inverter, this is done in order to maintain continuous power to emergency lighting for a period ranging between 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the process and EN requirements.

The requirement that is followed is the BS EN 50171:2001. This compliance specifies the requirements for how long emergency lighting is on, how bright it is and other factors in emergency lighting.

A UPS can be installed and used to support these loads. We utilise a specially designed version to meet the requirements of EN 50171:2001. This is because standard UPS will not meet this specification, requirements and compliance, and should not be used for safety applications, so a static inverter must be used instead.

Fire Exit emergency lighting

Static Inverters Are Critical

In critical situations where power outages occur unexpectedly, emergency lighting plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of occupants in buildings. Whether it’s a commercial office space, a residential complex, or an industrial facility, fully functional and reliable emergency lighting is essential for quick and safe evacuations. Our solution removes the threat of navigating through darkened areas by maintaining essential operations during power disruptions or outages

The Importance of UPS Systems for Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems are designed to provide illumination in the event of a power outage, allowing occupants to safely evacuate the premises and emergency responders to carry out their duties effectively. However, traditional emergency lighting solutions often rely on mains power, which can be , cut off during full scale blackouts or electrical failures and natural disasters.

This is where UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems for emergency lighting come into play. UPS systems act as a bridge between the mains power supply and emergency lighting fixtures, ensuring continuous power even when the grid fails. By providing seamless backup power, UPS systems help maintain visibility, prevent panic, and minimise the risk of accidents or injuries in emergency situations.

Key Benefits of UPS Systems for Emergency Lighting:

Continuous Power Supply: UPS systems ensure uninterrupted power to emergency lighting fixtures, allowing them to function seamlessly during power outages or disruptions. This ensures that critical areas such as stairwells, exit routes, and assembly points remain well-lit, facilitating safe evacuation procedures.

Reliability and Redundancy: UPS systems are designed for reliability, with built-in redundancy features such as dual power inputs, hot-swappable batteries, and automatic voltage regulation. This ensures that emergency lighting remains operational even in the event of UPS component failures or maintenance activities.

Extended Battery Backup: Modern UPS systems for emergency lighting are equipped with high-capacity batteries capable of providing extended runtime during prolonged power outages. This ensures that emergency lighting remains functional for an extended duration, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and emergency responders to carry out rescue operations effectively.

Remote Monitoring and Management: Many UPS systems offer remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing facility managers to monitor the status and performance of emergency lighting systems in real-time. This enables proactive maintenance, early fault detection, and timely intervention to ensure optimal system reliability and performance.

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Choose Power Saver for Your Emergency Lighting UPS Needs

At Power Saver, we specialise in providing reliable UPS systems for emergency lighting applications. Our solutions are designed to meet the stringent safety and reliability requirements of modern buildings, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind in emergency situations. Whether you need a standalone UPS unit for a small office or a comprehensive backup power system for a large commercial facility, we have the expertise and technology to meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our UPS systems for emergency lighting and discover how we can help ensure the safety and continuity of your facility during power outages and emergencies. With Power Saver by your side, you can trust that your emergency lighting systems are always ready to illuminate the way to safety.