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APC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UK APC UPS Distributor

APC UPS products include everything from battery backups that safeguard against outages at home, to full-size data centre infrastructure, APC UPS offers can help your home and business become more efficient, connected, and reliable. Power Saver Ltd have worked with APC UPS for decades so we have built a close relationship which means we will be able to source the correct UPS for you.

Many companies around the world, within every industry, relies on APC UPS  to keep their power up and running. Their uninterruptible power supply solutions ensure there is maximum availability and guaranteed uptime. APC UPS are built to ensure that critical equipment are never at risk. The world is using more and more power every day and it has never been more important to ensure your critical infrastructure is backed up.

UPS Systems for Home Use

Even at home, it is essential to keep your family’s data and devices connected, even during a power cut. Get instant access to your connected home for security cameras, alarms and more using an APC UPS as well as safeguarding your gaming and home theatre systems with full UPS protection that helps eliminate lag and file damage.

Reliable Backup Power

For nearly forty years, APC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) have been known as the industry standard for reliable power protection infrastructure. APC UPS has proven itself as an industry leader and this, combined with the largest community of IT partners, has produced technology that reliably delivers connectivity and accessibility.



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