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Riello UPS Sentryum S3M Series

The Riello UPS Sentryum S3M Series marks a significant evolution in UPS technology, building upon the success of its predecessors – the XTEND, ACTIVE, and COMPACT models within the renowned Sentryum range. This innovative UPS series is a testament to Riello’s commitment to meeting customer needs, simplifying maintenance, and reducing running costs. Tailored to address power protection requirements ranging from 60kVA to 120kVA, the S3M Series stands as the latest development from Riello UPS, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses of all scales.

Sentryum Compact CPT Model:

Riello UPS Sentryum Range

 Designed for Versatility: The Riello UPS S3M Series Compact (CPT) model is crafted to cater to businesses and operations of varying sizes, providing a robust set of features. With a power delivery of 60kVA, the Compact model stands out with its versatility and efficiency.

Compact Design for Limited Spaces: Featuring an ultra-compact design, the S3M CPT ensures businesses with limited space environments can still benefit from reliable backup power without compromising on efficiency.

Advanced Remote Monitoring: Equipped with an LCD display and remote monitoring options, the CPT S3M model offers real-time insights into power infrastructure, allowing users to manage and monitor their systems from any location with ease.

Optimised Efficiency: The S3M Compact Series is optimised for low energy consumption while delivering maximum power protection, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Sentryum Active ACT Model:Riello UPS Sentryum Range

Powerful Solution for Constrained Spaces: The Riello UPS S3M Series Active (ACT) model, delivering 60kVA, is tailored for larger UPS system units while maintaining suitability for space-constrained environments.

Hot-Swappable Batteries for Continuous Operation: Featuring hot-swappable batteries, the S3M series minimises downtime during UPS battery maintenance, replacement, and disposal, ensuring businesses stay online and power-protected.

Parallel Configuration for Enhanced Reliability: Supporting a parallel configuration, the ACT model enhances power protection reliability and redundancy, crucial for safeguarding critical equipment.

Comprehensive Connectivity Options: With multiple secure communication options, including USB, RS-232, and SNMP, the S3M Active Series seamlessly integrates into network infrastructures, providing robust communication capabilities.

Sentryum Xtend XTD Model:Riello UPS Sentryum Range XTD

Unmatched Power Density: The Riello UPS S3M Series Xtend (XTD) model stands as the largest UPS system unit within the S3M Series, offering a powerful 60kVA solution for businesses with high-demand power requirements.

High Power Density for Robust Protection: The XTD model boasts the highest level of power density in the series, ensuring robust power protection for demanding applications, especially in large data centres and environments with limited space.

Eco-Mode Efficiency for Cost Savings: With eco-mode efficiency, the Xtend model reduces operational costs and environmental impact, aligning with sustainable power practices.

Intelligent Battery Management: Equipped with an intelligent battery management system, the XTD model significantly increases battery life, providing real-time information and updates about battery health.

Additional Features Across the S3M Series:

  • Double Conversion Technology: Ensuring seamless transitions from AC to DC power for consistent and high-quality power to connected devices.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Offering sophisticated diagnostic capabilities to identify and address potential issues proactively.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Incorporating an intuitive interface for easy management and configuration.
  • Remote Management: Facilitating remote management, allowing users to monitor and control the UPS systems from a centralised location.

For more information, quotes, or any inquiries regarding the Riello UPS S3M Sentryum Series, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your power protection needs.

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