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Emergency Call-Out Maintenance

Power Saver ltd offers you the ability to have emergency call-out maintenance for your backup power infrastructure. Emergency maintenance can be carried out on UPS units, generators, UPS batteries and other power protection solutions that have failed or need inspecting.

How To Contact Us For Emergency Repairs

For Non Contract Customers Please Call Our Main Line +44 020 4524 4276

For Customers Covered by Our Contract Please Call Our Out Of Hours Line 01244 355013

Engineers Maintenance repairs UPS

No Contract Needed – Our Emergency Repair Service

No contract is needed to have emergency call-out maintenance work carried out on your power protection systems. We will allocate you a time slot for when one of our expert engineers will visit your site and give you a quote. Our team will keep in touch with you until our engineer arrives, this way you are not left waiting and can rest assured.


How Will I Benefit from a Contract?

Our contracts covers ongoing maintenance throughout the year, this way we can predict and mitigate failures before they even happen. Our contracts cover emergency call-outs and allows the procedure to fluent and less hassle for you.


Our Engineers

At Power Saver ltd, our engineers are specialise on all UPS manufacturer makes and models. When you call for our emergency maintenance, please give a description of the problem your power infrastructure is facing. In the majority of cases our engineers will know what repairs need to be carried out and will have the parts ready so your power protection is back online the same day.

Sectors That Need a Maintenance Contract

Industries that will find a maintenance contract for emergency call-outs essential include:

  • Healthcare Practices
  • Aviation Sites
  • Council & Government Sectors
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Telecommunication
  • Lifts and Emergency Protocols
  • Education Institutions
  • Data Centres
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