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 UPS Batteries Impedance Testing

As well as testing your UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), it’s important that you test your batteries.

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They are the core of your UPS system and if there’s an unrecognised fault, it can mean your system failing when you need it most.

UPS Batteries don’t last forever and it’s common practice to replace UPS battery stocks every 3-5 years when they are usually reaching the end of their natural life. It’s entirely possible, however, for a battery to fail before then as a result of external factors like heat, frequency of use and amount of power discharged, which can lead to a ‘domino’ effect as related batteries try and pick up the strain.

While the majority of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) available today will be able to monitor the voltage of a battery string, they do not monitor single cells and this can mean that if you aren’t careful you’ll need to replace a whole string of batteries and not just the single bad cell.

Installation & Commissioning

This is why proper battery testing is imperative for keeping your costs down, as shown below. The savings from appropriate diligence are considerable.*

Battery Cost Engineer Cost Battery Disposal Cost TOTAL
Full Battery String Replacement £2,900 £745 £375 £4,020
Single Bad Cell Replacement £80 £360 £20 £460
SAVING       £3,560

*Prices are an estimate, please contact us using the form to the right for accurate pricing.

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