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Riello UPS Sentryum Rack

The Riello Sentryum Rack series offers a dynamic power range, spanning from a standalone 20kVA unit to a powerful 160kVA in modular versions. At the core of its design is a 20kVA/kW module, serving as the fundamental building block for this innovative solution. With a focus on adaptability, compatibility, and ease of use, the Sentryum Rack series is engineered to meet the diverse power protection needs of various environments. For any enquiries please contact us.

Riello Sentryum Rack

Key Features and Technical Specifications:

Building Block Module:

  • The basic unit is a 20kVA/kW module, designed for seamless integration into a 19-inch rack cabinet.
  • Connection clamps are strategically laid out, segregating communication signal connections from power connections. This design ensures complete immunity from interference generated by the power supply grid, particularly in industrial environments.

Intelligent Airflow Management:

  • The module features front-to-back airflow, implemented through a smart ventilation principle. This design dynamically manages fan speed and airflow based on room temperature and load levels, optimizing cooling efficiency.

Input Voltage Adaptability:

  • High adaptability to input voltage variations, accepting both single-phase and three-phase inputs without the need for special setups or manual intervention.
  • The UPS auto-detects input voltage changes during operation, adjusting its behavior accordingly.

Modular Plug & Play Solution:

  • The Sentryum Rack can be configured as a single 20kVA/kW module, seamlessly fitting into a 19-inch rack cabinet.
  • Module flexibility allows for installation in various orientations, including leaning on the right side with a 90° counterclockwise rotation of the display.
  • Display can be remotely placed (up to 2 meters) if the module is enclosed within a cabinet.

Smart Battery Management:

  • The Smart Battery Management system, compatible with Li-Ion batteries and supercapacitors, optimises battery management for enhanced performance and longevity.

Advanced Communications:

  • Equipped with a colored graphic touchscreen display, providing comprehensive UPS information, measurements, operating states, and alarms in multiple languages.

Application Versatility:

  • Ideal for diverse applications, including servers and networking setups, data centres, and building systems.

Product Variants:

  • The series offers various product variants, including SRM 20 PM SP DVA, SRM 20 PM SA DVA, SRM 60 PWC, and SRT 60 PWC, catering to different power requirements and system configurations.

Design Life and Form Factor:

  • Designed for a 15-year lifespan, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Modular and rack-mount form factors provide flexibility in deployment.

Comprehensive Support:

  • Riello UPS, a trusted system brand, stands behind the Sentryum Rack series, offering a robust and reliable power solution.

For those interested in the Sentryum Rack series, we are delighted to provide more detailed information and competitive quotes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to explore how Riello’s Sentryum Rack can elevate your power protection strategy.

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