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Service Levels available at Power Saver Ltd

At Power Saver we can offer different levels of maintenance cover depending on your requirements. This will largely depend on what kind of cover you require and how quickly you need a response if you have any issues.

Bronze Plan is for non critical UPS systems and generators. fine to keep your backup power solutions running, but the longest response time if you run into problems.

Silver Plan is for UPS systems and generators that need a response within 24 hours. Good for protecting important but not life/business critical systems.

Gold Plan is for the most critical systems, like hospitals and datacentres with critical equipment.

If you need more information on maintenance plans or want help deciding which one you need, contact us now or fill in the form.


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UPS and Generator Maintenance

Ensuring that your standby power equipment is ready to operate should power fail is a vital part of your backup system management process. With many live and mechanical parts of a standby power system in continuous use, it is no surprise that key components can and will eventually fail. Investing in an annual standby power service or maintenance contract is as necessary as having your system in place, as it will ensure that all critical parts of the system are ready to operate should they be required. 

If you have any questions or would like to arrange some maintenance please contact us.


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