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The Riello UPS Sentinel Tower (STW)

Ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply is now more critical than ever, and the Riello UPS Sentinel Tower (STW) stands as your dedicated power protection asset, safeguarding crucial equipment and ensuring continuous business operations. Secure your quotes now to experience the power of Sentinel Tower.

The Power of The Riello UPS Sentinel Tower (STW)

The Riello UPS Sentinel Tower serves as your insurance policy against power disruptions, voltage fluctuations, and unforeseen outages. Whether you are managing a data centre, overseeing telecommunication infrastructure, handling industrial processes, or operating healthcare facilities, the Sentinel Tower stands as a dependable ally, ensuring the safety of your vital assets and uninterrupted operations.


Key Features and Benefits

Online Double Conversion:

  • Utilising advanced online double conversion technology, the Sentinel Tower provides a continuous and clean power supply. This technology filters and regulates the input voltage in real-time, ensuring a stable power output for connected devices, irrespective of external disturbances.

Wide Input Voltage Range:

  • Designed to handle a broad input voltage range, the Sentinel Tower adapts to various power requirements. It shields your equipment from voltage irregularities without unnecessary switches to battery mode, providing a crucial advantage during moments of instability.

High Output Power Factor:

  • With a high output power factor, the Sentinel Tower delivers enhanced active power to your devices. This feature efficiently supports modern computing equipment and servers, optimising performance and reliability.

LCD Display and User Interface:

  • The built-in LCD display offers real-time visibility into critical UPS parameters. Monitor load levels, battery status, input/output voltages, and system diagnostics at a glance, simplifying the management and maintenance of your power protection system.

Advanced Battery Management:

  • Leveraging advanced battery management techniques, the Sentinel Tower extends battery lifespan and optimises overall performance, ensuring dependable backup power precisely when needed.
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Remote Monitoring and Management:

  • Equipped with optional communication interfaces (USB, RS232, SNMP, etc.), the Sentinel Tower enables remote management and monitoring. Respond promptly to potential issues, even when off-site.

Hot-Swappable Batteries:

  • The design of hot-swappable batteries simplifies and secures battery replacement, allowing you to change batteries without disrupting power supply to connected equipment, ensuring continuous operations and minimal downtime.

Adaptive Fan Speed Control:

  • Featuring adaptive fan speed control, the Sentinel Tower minimises noise during regular operation and increases fan speed only when necessary, creating a more comfortable work environment.

Eco Mode for Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

  • Activating the Eco Mode enhances energy efficiency by bypassing the inverter when input power is stable, reducing energy consumption and operational costs, aligning with sustainability goals.


Contact Us for Your Power Protection Needs

Don’t leave your critical equipment and operations vulnerable to power disruptions. The Sentinel Tower is your ultimate solution for reliable power protection. Whether you’re a data centre manager, a telecommunications professional, an industrial operator, or responsible for healthcare facilities, our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the right Sentinel Tower model for your unique requirements. Contact us today to secure your power supply and ensure uninterrupted operations. Trust in the Sentinel Tower, your gateway to reliable power protection.