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Backup Power Site Survey

Contact us now for your free backup power site survey.

Power Saver offers free backup power sites surveys as before any work can begin on your site, you need to know what is possible where you want it installed and what the expected results will be. We need to know what you require, where it will be and countless other bits of information before we can begin to quote. This is why we offer a free site survey to larger installations.

Not only does this give you peace of mind that you are getting want, but allows us to predict any problems in advance, ensuring a smooth as possible installation.

A site survey also allows us to answer any questions you may have so you know what to expect from your backup power solution. Some types of power protection, like generators, have a lot of restrictions and rules on where they can be placed, what they can supply power to and even what fuel they can use. We guide you around these potential issues and help you find a solution that not only supports your critical sytems but is also future proof against changes to your equipment.

Power Saver can offer a backup power site survey anywhere in the UK, but focuses on the South East. We are located in Kent, so we often do site surveys in Kent, East and West Sussex as well as London. Power Saver have supplied, installed and now maintain UPS systems and generators all across the South East, many in central London. We have experience installing in difficult to reach areas (like on the top of flats) or locations that cannot easily be reached by car or lorry. Whatever the potential issue is we can find a way around it.


Please contact us to discuss your backup power site survey with us or fill in the form.

Backup Power Site Survey

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