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Multi Sentry UPS 10-120kVA

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The most advanced UPS available in terms of the latest feature-rich form of power protection, offering a single or three phase configuration, high input power factor, high operating efficiency and advanced battery management.

• Complete power range from 10 up to 120 kVA
• Small footprint
• High efficiency up to 96.5%
• Zero impact source
• Advanced communication


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The MULTI SENTRY series is ideal for protecting data centres and telecommunications systems, IT networks and critical systems. The MULTI SENTRY series is available in 10-12-15-20 kVA models with three-phase/single-phase input and single-phase output, and 10-12- 15- 20-30-40-60-80-100-120 kVA models with three-phase input and output and On-Line double don-version technology, VFI-SS-111 classification (defined in IEC EN 62040-3).

MULTI SENTRY: designed and built using state of the art technology
and components, and controlled by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microprocessors, to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on downstream systems, and optimised energy savings.

Its highly flexible design allows full compatibility with both three-phase and single-phase power supplies.

Zero impact source
MULTI SENTRY solves installation problems in systems where the power supply has limited power available, where the UPS is supported by a generator or where there are compatibility problems with loads that generate harmonic currents; MULTI SENTRY has a zero impact on its power source, whether this is the mains power supply or a generator:
• input current distortion < 3%
• Input power factor 0.99
• power walk-in function to provide a
progressive rectifier start-up
• start-up delay function, to restart the
rectifiers when mains power is restored
if there are several UPS in the system. In addition, MULTI SENTRY plays a filtering and power factor correction role in the power network upstream of the UPS, as it eliminates harmonic components and the reactive power, generated by the power utilities.

High output
State-of-the-art three-level NPC inverters are used to achieve an operating efficiency of 96.5%.
This technology halves (50%) the energy dissipated in a year by traditional UPS with a 92% efficient operation.
Its exceptional performance makes it possible to recover the capital investment cost in less than three years of operation.

Battery care system
Proper battery care is critical to ensuring the correct operation of a UPS in emergency conditions.
The Riello UPS Battery Care System consists of a series of features and capabilities to optimise battery management and obtain their best performance and operating life.
Battery charging: MULTI SENTRY is suitable for use with hermetically sealed lead-acid (VRLA), AGM and GEL batteries and Open Vent and Nickel Cadmium batteries.
Depending on the battery type, different charging methods are available.
• One-level voltage recharge, typically
used for VRLA AGM batteries
• Two-level voltage recharge according to IU characteristic
• Charge block system to reduce electrolytic consumption and further extend the life of VRLA batteries.

Recharge voltage compensation as a function of temperature in order to prevent excessive battery charges or overheating.
Battery tests to quickly diagnose any reduction in performance or problems with the batteries.

Protection against deep discharges: during extended low-load discharges, the end-of-discharge voltage is increased – as recommended by the battery manufacturers – to prevent damage or reduced battery performance.

Ripple current: recharge ripple (residual AC component) current is one of the most important causes of a reduction in reliability and battery life.
Using a high frequency battery charger, MULTI SENTRY reduces this value to negligible levels, prolonging battery life and maintaining high performance over a long period of time.

Wide voltage range: the rectifier is designed to operate within a wide input voltage range (up to – 40% at half load), reducing the need for battery discharge and thus helping to battery extend life.

Maximum reliability and availability
Connect up to 6 units in redundant (N+1) or parallel configuration. The UPS continues to operate in parallel even in the event of an interruption in the connection cable (closed loop).