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The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular Unit

Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is a great power protection solution, creating a simplistic approach to install, scale, and maintain for all businesses. The uninterruptible power supply system features a modular design with Live Swap in a compact, one-cabinet footprint. You will benefit from a vast scalability that enables you to pay as you grow allowing for focused optimisation on capital investment with competitive acquisition costs. The unit additionally features optimised operating efficiency. The modular design also enables N+1 internal redundancy, which increases the system’s availability with no extra footprint. The unit offers full compatibility with Galaxy Lithium-ion Battery Cabinets delivering compact, long-life energy storage. The backup power supply gives users the ability to utilise Smart Power Test (SPoT) Mode. SPoT mode lowers the cost of site acceptance testing by eliminating the need for an expensive load bank. Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is EcoStruxure™ connected to give you peace of mind anytime, anywhere, and start-up service is included to optimise your system’s performance, quality, and safety, making the offer more cost effective. With Live Swap, modular design, and robust reliability, Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is the easy choice for your business continuity.

Expand power with no scheduled downtime and no extra footprint with Live Swap

Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is the chosen power protection module offering a scalable design supporting Live Swap features.


Scale and pay as you grow

Scale power instantly with no scheduled down time in 50 kW increments from 50-250 kW as your power requirements continuously evolve.

Easy UPS APC 3 Phase

Robust design supports both IT and non-IT environments

• Fault-tolerant design ensures continuous protection in critical circumstances
• Maximum short circuit rating: 35kAIC
• Designed to perform in harsh environments with its high-quality air filter
• Suited for humid environments thanks to conformal coating
• Backfeed protection options available
• Top cable entry (bottom cable entry with optional bottom entry cabinet)
• No side clearance required for service

Higher availability with modularity

• One extra power module for N+1 internal redundancy keeps your load protected and with no extra footprint
• Optimised uptime with wide input voltage tolerance window (-20% to +15%)
• With Live Swap, it is simple and fast to add, replace, or remove power modules, display interface, and static switch

We also supply and incorporate the The Schneider Electric UPS Network Management Card


The Network Management Card  enables a reliable and consistent secure communication. The communication is essential in order to allow management and remote monitoring of your backup power systems.
APC Easy UPS Network Management Card
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