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The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3M

The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3M uninterruptible power supplies deliver competitive specifications and robust electrical design in an easy-to-use package. It is a straightforward back-up power supply to install, furthering the advancements the UPS unit offers users will find operating the unit simple. Due to the key-features the unit offers in terms of maintenance and servicing, the unit allows for continuous protection making it ideal for many small and medium business applications. This EcoStruxure™ connected UPS features a wide operating temperature range and strong overload protection, all in a compact and lightweight footprint. Start-up service optimises your system’s performance, quality, and safety. The Easy UPS 3M are easy choices for your business continuity in the data centre or electrical room.

Easy to use, connect, monitor, and manage

• User-friendly display interface supports easy configuration
• With the included Network Management Card, you can: – Monitor UPS status remotely through a web interface – Monitor and manage the UPS status and performance through EcoStruxure IT’s cloud-based and on-premise software suites, or through SNMP integration to the Network Management System of your choice, bringing you peace of mind.
– Manage buildings through the BACnet protocol for integration with Building Management Systems (BMSs)

Easy to maintain

• Front and rear access for service
• Quickly and easily replace the dust filter conveniently located behind the front door
• Schneider Electric service team available to make service easy and improve uptime with proper maintenance of your UPS and batteries

APC Easy UPS Unit 3S

Schneider Electric Battery Breaker Kit 630A with One Circuit Breaker for Easy UPS 3M & 3L

Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS 3M series is an easy-to-install, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 3-phase UPS designed for small and medium-sized data centres and other mission-critical applications.

Its superior product characteristics, solid electrical specifications, and compact design guarantee power stability, durability, and business continuity. Designed for quick and simple installation, this EcoStruxure-connected UPS provides a broad working temperature range, robust overload protection, and a small footprint. Furthermore, it is compatible with Galaxy Lithium-ion battery cabinets. Start-up services are available to maximise your system’s performance, quality, and safety.

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