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10kVA Backup Power UPS System

A 10kVA UPS is typically suitable for medium to large-sized businesses that require a significant amount of power protection for their critical equipment. This level of protection is ideal for businesses that rely heavily on technology and cannot afford any downtime due to power disruptions.

10kVA UPS Systems Q&A’s

Distinguishing Between 10kVA UPS Rack and Tower Configurations

A rack-mounted 10kVA UPS is designed for installation into server racks, while a tower UPS is a standalone unit. However, some UPS systems can be used in both configurations, providing greater flexibility and versatility.

Comparing Online and Line-Interactive 10kVA UPS Systems



An online 10kVA UPS system provides a superior level of protection compared to a line-interactive UPS, albeit at a higher cost

10kVA UPS Charging time

10kVA UPS systems charge within 4-6 hours

How long can a 10kVA UPS system typically run at full load?


At full load, the internal UPS batteries typically provide a runtime of 2-60 minutes, depending on the specific UPS model. However, additional UPS batteries can be added to extend the runtime as needed. Please contact us for further information, and we can assist in optimizing the runtime to meet your requirements.


When should I change my 10kVA UPS battery?

While the general recommendation is to replace UPS batteries every five years, this timeline can be affected by various environmental factors, such as storage temperature and ventilation. To avoid any potential issues, it is crucial to implement an appropriate battery care plan.

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