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Dialog Vision UPS 500VA-3kVA

A line interactive UPS offering three formats: tower, rackmount or dual combination models – all feature-rich with a range of protection and monitoring features.

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The DIALOG VISION series includes the DVR (Rack version) and DVD (Dual Rack/ Tower version) with models from 500VA to 3000VA and uses sinewave digital technology.
The DIALOG VISION range, with its advanced communications and connectivity options, is the ideal solution for installations requiring superior protection and versatility.
DIALOG VISION is the best protection for network devices, rackmounted servers, conventional rack-mounted or tower servers, network storage systems.

Superior protection
An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides stabilisation from brownouts,
sag and surge voltages. EMI filters then provide further protection from spikes and transients. When the mains power supply fails, the load is powered by the inverter and receives a true sinewave supply for maximum power continuity and reliability.
The UPS also incorporates protection for PC and network, telephone line/modem connections (RJ45-RJ11).
High availability
One Power Share socket for load- shedding of the least critical loads to maximise back up time for the most critical servers.
Hot swappable battery (front access) for simple and risk-free UPS maintenance.

Additional Battery Boxes (with chargers) are available for the DVD 2200 and 3000 for long back up time applications. Battery Test facility to detect deteriorating battery performance and failure.
Deep discharge protection: to prevent the battery set being damaged by a low load, long duration discharge, using
an increased end-of-discharge battery voltage threshold.

DIALOG VISION Dual (DVD 1500, 2200 and 3000) can be placed directly onto the floor or mounted in 19’’ rackmount cabinets.
The front panel digital display can be easily pulled out and rotated to suit the installation format.
DIALOG VISION includes an Emergency Power Off (EPO) input contact.
Cold Start function to allow a DIALOG VISION to power up with no mains power supply present.

Advanced communication
• Advanced communication and multiplatform, for all operating systems and network environments: Powershield3 supervision and shut- down software included, with SNMP agent, for Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux, VMWare ESX operating systems and other Unix operating systems
• USB or RS232 serial port (selectable) • Slot-in SNMP network adapter card • LCD display.
• ECO LINE product
• Power Share socket
• Surge-protected sockets for powering
strong impulsive absorption loads (laser
printers, etc)
• Ability to switch on the UPS in the
absence of mains power (Cold Start) • User-replaceable batteries (Battery
• USB Interface AND RS232
Slot for communication boards
• Maximum reliability, monitoring and auto-shutdown using PowerShield3
software, available free of charge from
• Highly reliable batteries (automatic and manually activated battery test)
• Built-in short circuit protection
• Auto restart (when mains power
is restored, after discharge of the
batteries) • EPO


Dialog Vision