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Riello UPS Master MPS UPS 10-800kVA

The ultimate power protection for large data centres offering a number of high-resilience parallel formats up to 6.4MVA.


Total protection
MASTER MPS series UPS provides maximum protection and power quality for critical loads, including data centres, industrial processes, telecommunications, security and electro-medical systems. The UPS is an On-line double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 – IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter.
The MASTER MPS range includes three-phase input and single-phase output versions from 10 to 100kVA, and three-phase input and output versions from 10 to 800kVA. Three phase MPS models from 10 to 200 kVA are available with a 6 or 12-pulse thyristor-based rectifier. From 100 to 500 kVA, the Master HP series has an IGBT-based rectifier, to provide lower harmonic input current distortion (THDi) and a high input power factor (see Master HP section). From 600 to 800kVA, Master MPS has a 12-pulse rectifier and optional harmonic filters.

Easy source
MASTER MPS technology removes the problems of oversizing upstream power sources, whilst improving load power factors and current harmonics. The MPS range features the latest input-current absorption techniques including progressive rectifier start-up and the option to reduce battery charging currents. These features make the MASTER MPS series one of the most generator and environmentally friendly UPS available.

Power Continuity
For years, Riello UPS has developed and supplied solutions for dealing with the different requirements and the problems that inevitably arise in critical applications. Riello UPS offers flexible, high-availability solutions that are able to adapt to different system structures and critical levels.
Riello UPS creates UPS systems that can tolerate a number of component or subsystem failures, while continuing to operate normally, to provide service without interruption.
This is achieved by installing carefully designed redundant elements, eliminating common failure points, scheduling maintenance activities and through the control and supervision of the operating parameters of the system and the environment. The TEC service team is ready to provide guidance and advice on projects.

The MASTER MPS from Riello UPS is suitable for a wide range of applications including IT and the most demanding industrial environments. The UPS is suitable for power capacitive loads such as blade servers, without any reduction in active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging. With a broad range of accessories and options, complex configurations and system architectures can be achieved to guarantee maximum power availability and the option to add new UPS without interruption to existing users. Using the Riello UPS Group Synchroniser (UGS) and Parallel Systems Joiner (PSJ), sophisticated inter group
parallel and redundant systems can be achieved to provide the highest possible levels of resilience and availability.

Battery care system: maximum battery care
Normally the batteries are kept charged by the rectifier; when mains power fails, the UPS uses this energy source to power the inverter loads. Therefore, proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct UPS operation in emergency conditions. The Riello UPS Battery Care System consists of a series of features and capabilities to optimise battery management and obtain the best performance and operating life possible.

• Dual level charging regime to optimise recharge currents and reduce charge times
• Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection to reduce overall battery ageing
• Charge blocking system to reduce electrolyte consumption and lengthen the life of VRLA batteries
• Battery tests to diagnose, in advance, any reduction in performance or problems with the batteries. MASTER MPS is also compatible with different battery technologies: vented open lead acid, VRLA AGM and NiCd.

Ease of Installation
MASTER MPS requires only a very small space for installation (only 0.64 sqm for a 200KVA system); in addition, front access allows servicing of all major components from the front panel, making side access unnecessary. MASTER MPS requires minimal space for access, utilising top-cabinet ventilation and front panel access.

Specific solutions
The UPS can be adapted to meet your requirements. Contact our TEC team to discuss specific solutions and options not listed in this catalogue.
Advanced communication
• Compatible with TeleNetGuard for remote monitoring.
• Advanced communication, multi- platform, for all operating systems and network environments: Supervision and shutdown PowerShield3 software for Windows operating systems 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux, Novell and other Unix operating systems.
• UPS is supplied with a cable for direct PC connection (Plug and Play)
• RS232 double serial port
• Communications slot for network adapter installation; ESD contact (Emergency Switching Device) for switching off the UPS by remote emergency button.
• Remote LED mimic panel or graphic display.

Maximum reliability and availability
Distributed or centralised parallel configuration of up to 8 units per redundant (N+1) or power parallel system, even using different power ratings.
Hot System Expansion (HSE): allows the addition of a further UPS into an existing system, without the need to switch off the UPS or transfer them to bypass mode. This guarantees maximum load protection, even during maintenance and system expansion.

Maximum levels of availability, even in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is “FAULT TOLERANT”. It is not affected by connection cable faults and continues powering the load without disruption, signalling an alarm condition.

Efficiency Control System (ECS): a system to optimise the operating efficiency of parallel systems, according to the power required by the load. N +1 redundancy is guaranteed, with every UPS working in parallel at the best load level possible.

• UPS Group Synchroniser (UGS): allows two or more non-parallel UPS devices to remain synchronised even during mains power failure.
The UGS also enables a Riello UPS to be synchronised with another power source that is independent and of a different power rating.
• Parallel Systems Joiner (PSJ): connects two UPS groups in parallel configurations through a power coupling switch. The Slave UPS group is permanently synchronised to the master group. Should one of the UPS in one of the parallel groups fail, the PSJ will automatically connect the remaining UPS to the other group via an external bypass.

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