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Multi Guard Modular UPS 15-120kVA

Advanced design modular UPS ideal for server rooms and data centres, with scalable power capacity from 15kVA to 120kVA. The intelligent drawer-style design of provides maximum availability, redundancy and protection for mission critical loads.


The MULTI GUARD 15-120 kVA modular UPS is a scalable 3 Phase / 3 phase with double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply system. Its power capacity ranges from 15kVA to 120kVA, delivering the best combination of reliability, functionality and flexibility.

The MULTI GUARD 15-120 N+X parallel architecture adopts a drawer-style, highly intelligent design to achieve maximum power availability and redundancy.

It is specially designed to meet the protection demands of mission critical
loads in data centres or other important applications. Each module has an individual power capacity of 15 kVA, and a standard cabinet can be fitted with up to 8 modules to reach 120 kVA. If the load is within limits, modules can be hot- swapped to enable true power continuity without any interruptions.

System features
• Maximum 120kVA capacity in a 19“ rack. • 15kVA per module with hot-swappable feature
The LCD display on the front panel displays unit status and important information such as input and output rating, capacity and temperature. This is available in a number of languages and can include after sales contact details.
• Communication port is available for RS232, RS485, SNMP & AS400.
• Regular battery strings for the DC power without using particular battery modules.
• DSP Technology.
• Charging current is up to 36 DC Amp
constant current on 90kVA system, suitable for several hours of battery back up.
• High output power availability up to 99.999%, MTBF more than 1,000,000 hours & MTTR<5mins Input power factor >0.99 and THDi <5%
Other advantage
• The MULTI GUARD 15-120 UPS power modules use the latest DSP microchip technology. This reduces hardware components, increases UPS reliability and also makes it convenient to upgrade and maintain using the remote software.
• The UPS operates with load sharing technology. Should any of the UPS modules fail, the load will be taken over by the rest of the modules without interruption. This increases the real time operation and power availability compared to other standby UPS.
• The MULTI GUARD 15-120 UPS is designed to connect to external battery banks without limiting the battery run time. The 19” racks in black color design can blend easily into most Data Centres, Computer or Power Rooms.

N+X Parallel Redundancy UPS
The N+X parallel redundant configuration of the MULTI GUARD 15-120 increases the reliability of the UPS system.

Advanced Modular Design
The MULTI GUARD 15-120 system contains UPS modules, LCD Display module, PDU and other accessories. Each UPS module is a fully functionable 15kVA UPS. Through the advanced wireless parallel control technology and smart communication modulation, the UPS
modules or LCD display module can be replaced easily at any time without affecting the operation of the UPS.

The user friendly “plug & play” design simplifies UPS service and maintenance.
The most reliable N+X parallel redundancy

The MULTI GUARD 15-120 de-centralises its controller in each UPS Module. The LCD Display module is for display and communication purposes only, so even if the LCD Display module fails, the UPS system would still function and support the load without any interruption.

High MTBF ability
Each UPS module in the 15-120 UPS system is a fully functional UPS. There is no additional controlling module for parallel and load sharing. System MTBF for two modules in parallel is more than 1,000,000 hours and power availability is above 99.999%.

MTTR < 5 mins
In a parallel redundant 15-120 UPS system, the UPS will keep working even one of the modules fails. The module replacement procedure only needs
5 minutes for full system recovery, minimising expensive downtime.

Pure Sine Wave input current with THDi ≤5% and unity input power (≥0.99). The output voltage distortion is ≤1.5%.
Intelligent charging system

The MULTI GUARD 15-120 UPS system applies a two-step intelligent charging system. The first stage is a constant charging current that can recharge the battery capacity to 90% in a short time. The system then transfers to a constant voltage mode to complete the charging

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