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Riello UPS Central Supply Systems (CSS) Sentryum

Compliance & Regulation Standards

The CSS (Central Supply Systems) range by Riello UPS is designed in compliance with EN 50171 standards.

Applications for the Central Supply Systems Sentryum

The ideal solution for installation in buildings subject to fire safety regulations and in particular for the power supply of emergency lighting systems. The CSS range by Riello UPS is also suitable for supplying power to other emergency systems such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarm systems and emergency detection systems, smoke extraction equipment and carbon monoxide detection devices as well as dedicated security systems in sensitive areas.

Riello UPS Central Supply Systems Highlights

  • Compliance with EN 50171 standard
  • Dual input
  • Protection against battery inversion
  • High recharge current
  • Continuous overload of 120%*
  • Enclosure compliant with EN 60598-1 standard
  • Batteries with 10 year life
Riello UPS CSS Sentryum


As required by EN 50171 standard, the Riello UPS CSS range is designed and sized to support continuous overloads (with no time limits) up to 120% of the nominal load.


Mandatory in line with EN 50171 standard, protection against battery inversion ensures the safety of those carrying out maintenance operations on the devices and at the same time prevents damage to the system in the event that the batteries are inadvertently connected with the wrong polarity.


All models are equipped with a contact interface configured in compliance with the EN 50171 standard.


In addition to all the already mentioned features, the Riello UPS CSS units can reach up to 600 kVA (with CSS Master, available upon request) and they have the same reliability and flexibility characteristic of the UPS range they derive from. Moreover they also keep the compatibility with the main options and accessories.

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