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iPlug UPS 600-800VA

The iPLUG series is the ideal solution for household, and small office systems. Its compact size and versatility, push-button operation, LED status panel and user replaceable batteries – make iPLUG easy to install within a domestic environment to protect systems from surges and blackouts.

When mains power fails, the load is powered by the pseudo-sinewave inverter and built-in battery.

PowerShield3 UPS monitoring and control software can be used for an orderly unattended shutdown of IT systems. PowerShield3 can be downloaded free of charge from www.riello-ups.com

Versatile, robust and contemporary design
iPLUG’s compact and ergonomic design allow the UPS to be easily used within professional and domestic environments. iPLUG is extremely versatile and its innovative cable management feature ensures a clean, easy to manage installation.

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Advanced communicationPowerShield3 software for the safe and unattended shutdown of connected IT systems on mains power supply failure.


3 provides efficient and intuitive UPS management using bar chart displays for important operating information.

Automatic restart.

The UPS automatically restarts when the mains power supply is restored, after auto power.

ECO Line environmental protection

iPLUG features a unique shut-off button to reduce energy consumption during periods of prolonged inactivity.


LCD monitors, personal computers, VDUs, printers, scanners and faxes.Features

• ECO LINE product• Compact and ergonomic

• 5 Battery runtime protected sockets

• 3 Surge protected sockets for powering larger absorption loads such as laser printers

• Ability to switch on the UPS without a mains power supply (Cold Start)

• User replaceable batteries (Battery Swap)• USB Interface• Can be placed on a desktop or the floor

• Power cable included

• Short-circuit protection

• Auto restart (when mains power is restored, after a battery discharge)• GS/Nemko Safety mark

• Available with French (2P+T), English, Shuko and Italian outlets.

• PowerShield3 supervision and shutdown software for Windows operating systems 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris

• Plug and Play function2-YEAR WARRANTY


IPG 600IPG 800 POWER600VA/360W800VA/480WINPUTNominal voltage220-240 VacInput voltage tolerance230 Vac (+20/-25%)Frequency50/60 Hz with automatic selectionOUTPUTVoltage during mains operation230 Vac (+20/-25%)Voltage during battery operation230 Vac (+/- 10%)Frequency during battery operation50 or 60 Hz (+/- 1%)WaveformPseudo-sineBATTERIESTypeVRLA AGM lead acid maintenance free batteriesCharging time6-8 hoursOTHER FEATURESNet weight (kg)3.74.1Gross weight (kg)44.4Dimensions (hwd) (mm)99 x 175 x 313Packaging dimensions(hwd) (mm)260 x 380 x 140CommunicationUSBOutput socket6 sockets (Shuko or Italian or French or English) + 2 IEC 320 C13RegulationsEN 62040-1-1 and Directive EN 62040-3 EN 62040-2 and Directive 2004/108 ECTrademarksCE; GS/NEMKO on Shuko versionAmbient temperature0°C / +40°CColourBlackAltitude and relative humidity6000 m max altitude, < 95% non-condensingStandard equipment providedpower cable, user guide

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