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Net Dialog UPS 800VA-2kVA

The NET DIALOG series includes the 800-1000 1500-2000VA models and uses digital technology: the load is powered from the mains through an AVR to stabilise brownouts, sags, and surge voltages, and EMI filters to suppress spikes and transients.
When the mains fails, the load is powered from a pseudo-sinewave inverter, to provide sufficient runtime for computer system shutdown using PowerShield3 software. Downloadable free of charge from
The UPS also includes telephone line protection, with filtering.


For advanced communication and high performance, NET DIALOG, is the ideal solution for users who require total control over the power supply systems.
• Stabilisation and filtering of the mains power supply using a built-in AVR
• Cold Start capability: the UPS can power up without a mains supply present
• Auto restart when mains power is restored
• Integrated protection for telephone line/ RJ11/45 modem connection.
• High reliability with automatic battery testing

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