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Power Saver UPS Products

We can supply and service systems ranging from 400VA single user systems right up to 4.8MVA multi-module parallel systems.

Our projects team can design, supply, commission and maintain turnkey power packages including UPS (Uninterrupitble Power Supply), Diesel Generator, Switchgear, Surge Protection, Isolation Transformers and Power Quality devices.

Power Saver are supplier independent, so we can source the right backup power solution for you. Contact us now for help on your power protection.

At Power Saver, we have our own UPS engineers, so we can take care of everything, from the initial site survey, to specification and installation, through to maintenance and support.

When choosing a UPS (Uninterrupitble Power Supply), be aware that there are several varieties, each functioning best within a certain power range.

  • Standby/Off-line UPS operate as standalone units that activate in the event of power failure from the primary source. Practical power range of 0-0.5 kVA.
  • Line Interactive/On-line UPS operates with the primary source flowing through and charging the battery, which enables smoother transitions in the event of power failure. Practical power range of 0.5-5 kVA.
  • Double Conversion On-Line UPS is similar to standby UPS except that rather than AC mains being the primary source of power, it’s the inverter. Practical power range of 5-5000 kVA.

We offer comprehensive maintenance contracts on all our systems, which gives our clients 24-hour emergency cover as well as peace of mind. We take pride in our products and people and commit to giving our customers a service that is second to none.

We supply Riello UPS and you can find them here. 

You can find out about Eaton UPS here.

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